Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008 Demo Reel

click on Picture to go to my website.

This is latest version of my demo reel 2008.
Included clips from Pixar classes, JD's class, self-practice and my thesis short film.
check it out. :-)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Final Thesis

I passed my final review today. Until now, I still can't believe I really finished it. I feel like I just block out all the scenes yesterday, and still have a lot of polish work to do.
It's unbelievable when I see throw an early concept, animatics, and final rendered film. it's like a dream, I never done a short film before and now I have done one.

I would like to thank a lots people, I can't make it done without you all,

Thanks Tom, I can always hear you're laughing when you watch my work, no matter how many times you saw it. That really keeps me moving forward and feels this film still fun to watch. You also gave me a lots of useful critiques to make this film better.
Thanks Charles, I can't imaging how I gonna finished this film without your help. I'm too lucky to get your mentoring. You always give me the best critiques and suggestions. When I stuck, you can always find the way out for me.
Thanks 榮昌, you're the best musician in the world, your awesome music really bring this film up to the higher level.
Thanks Trevor, figured out most of my rigging problem and allow me to borrow your eye balls and kid's hand(sounds really creepy, isn't it?). always kinddly share the idea and experience, you're the best friend! (and the best animator as well!), btw, are you willing to share one of your kidney just in case one day I might need it?
Thanks Edward(I-Chi Lu) make a great beautiful assistance model for me. Thanks Sean(Hyoung Joong Seo) fix my rig and save my ass. Thanks Mali(Tun-En Chen), added the smoke VFX when you're burned up by your mid-point.
Thanks Jorge E. Ruiz, dude, did you see those hair texturing? they're AMAZING!! I think whoever do those, deserve an animation position in any studio!!(wait a minute, what????:-P)
Thanks all my friends in the lab, I could have done this film one years earlier without monkey around with you guys...kidding!! you guys are the best!! I love the way we keep push each other come to lab everyday, my work will be suckest ever if I never meet you guys. (Keep dancing!!!! you slackers!!!)
Thanks to my lovely parents, always stand for me, the most important thing is you always let me do whatever I want and have trust in me, I can't do anything without you.

The last and biggest special thanks goes to Yu-Ching. You always take good care of me, give me the best and hardest "no-animator" critiques, you make a fantastic fat-tastico book......too many things you do it for me and I have no idea how much I owe you, thank you so so so much!

Feels like I just win the Oscar, hun? I just feel too happy to stop. Please check out my website and give me your thoughts or crtiques, I appreciate every word you guys leave.

Keep going tomorrow?? Keep going!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Weekly Drawing again

This is for this week...

Weekly Drawing

New Blog called "Labdance", which is a drawing blog. We have a weekly topic.
Its so amazing how people bring out different ideas every week, this is what I done for last week.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Last Semester!

Since this Fall is my last semester, I have to finish up my thesis!
After I made a very details schedule, holy! I'm so behind.

I need to work EVERYDAY without any weekend until I pass the final review. So I think I won't be animating anything beside of thesis.

now I fell a little bit better the school cancel the Pixar class, than I can really focus on my thesis...

I'll post new blocking or any progress clip on here, let's see how fast I can animate!!:-P

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm here!

the newest AM booklet, I'm in it!!
That was a AM BBQ last year, I met many awesome AM student and professional animator, we took a picture in the end and I can't believe they put it on their booklet!
Thanks John gave me a ride, it was a best affternoon ever!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Demo Reel

Click picture or HERE to go my web site

New demo reel for Siggraph, we're going to LA on Monday...with a lots luck!

Please give me your comments, opinions, critiques...anything here, I'll be super appreciate your help.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Result of 11 Second Club July competition

Click picture or HERE to watch clip or click HERE to see comeents.

I got 5.77 Stars and 12nd out of 161 entries!!!!! Awesome!

The part even better is I got a lot of comments which are very objective and helpful. Its alway good to get some fresh eyes and something different points of view. I think that will be the biggest reason I joined the competition.

There are many things they point out and I can't agree them any more,

*Stiffness on face.
*Need more work on lip-sync.
*Stiffness on body.
*Need more emphasize or accent the dialogue, such as "He has a gift".
* more and more...

You guys really got me, aren't you? ;-P

I think in this animation, I afraid to fall in Cliche trap, so that I forget, as an animator, we still need to give character the entertaining value, even its subtle. If I can do it again, I might need to shot the reference and try to chatch more details, especially for a subtle clip like this, I need more details to support character and avoid stiffness.

For facial polishing, I know, I think that is the biggest part I'm lacking. That is also the reason I want to do more practices.

Thank you all to point out want I need and I appreciate all comments.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just for FireFox user

I just notice some of Web sites have a tiny logo with their title, and I think its cool to have my own one. So I did it in Photoshop and figure out how to make it. Finally I make it, and I test it with FireFox and IE, than...

It doesn't work with IE........................

ok, than I guess this will only for FireFox user, even though it just a tiny thing and if I'm not telling you, you might never notice it...(I still feel happy that I make it anyway, yeah!!!!)

Friday, July 25, 2008

11 Second Club July Competition

Click picture or HERE to watch.

I want to join this kind of animation competition since 10 second club still alive, and I finally did it! (but there is no 10 second club any more...)
I like the dialoque they picked for this mouth, and I want to practice more about facial animation.For this animation, I tried to living in one pose and sell the idea clearly, but I can't control myself to throw in more than one pose. It's hard to make a subtle animation and still interesting to watch it.

comments? critiques? vote???


I worked on this for 2 weeks in summer Character Animation Class with JD, tried to make a "game" style animation.
I played with timing and most of time I was working on body mechanics.
Also add noise and some effects in AE. Yeah... I know, "AMBUSH" is a lousy name, but this is all about animation, isn't it?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

New 2P Dialogue Test

I found this sound clip from and used it for final assignment of Pixar class 2.
I got a lots awesome acting critiques from Adam, Mike and Charles, and also got a super picky polishing critique from JD, thank you all, your comments and critiques always pull me out of the dark.
I was Polishing it during the first 2 week in summer semester. It looks like a endless cycle for me. So I decide to call it "final" for now, I think I will come back to fix it later when I get fresh eyes.

any comment? opinion? critique?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

First Shot Planning and blocking

This is the first shot of my thesis,
I use the character walk I did before and change it a little bit.
these planning help me to find the acting choice and also figure out how the mechanics works.

So far, I want to make sure the overall timing is working, not worry about the splining, yet.
About the style of this short, strong poses will be my first concern. Movement and acting will be more cartoony, not exactly the Warner Bro. style, but close.

Thank you Charles, you always give me very helpful comment.

here is movie clip,

Monday, March 03, 2008

Juice Box Planning and Polish Animation

I use the juice box model, and re-rig it with IK straw.
this is a basic acting practice.
the goal is make the characters' attitude clear and maintain the material.

Movie Clip Click Here.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

AnimationTest Planning and Final Rendering

I did this for my thesis short last summer((I know, long time ago...))
I did the modeling, rigging, lighting and rendering, oh..animation of course.
I borrow the rigged model "bunny doll" and table modeling.
For the final rendering, used maya sofware.

Because of Magician has such giant nose, so I have to make sure his head turn is fast enough to avoid it face to the camera, he has to keep profile all the time.
Also want to make sure how he moves, how snappy could work?
I got the rough idea after this done.

Movie Clip Click Here.